Illustration Essay Topics

Illustration Essay Topics: the Brightest Ideas for Creative Writing

Wake up, kids. It is the 21st century outside! And with that comes this confounding factor: drawing user attention gets harder year after year. Same stock pictures, typical impressions, identical visual content – boring and frumpy. Using custom-made illustrations is quite a thing now. They create a unique experience, a special personalized voice of the brand that is hard to miss. This way, the communication between the user and the brand builds upon a playful background, setting up engaging interaction and friendly relationships instantly.

Besides brand identity, illustration design is widely used in publications and advertisements. This branch of art is as old as the art itself and offers exciting research opportunities. Creating illustration is interesting, but digging deeper into its history and development is much more fun.

Looking for a suitable essay topic? Read on to find out the best idea for an A+ essay.

How to Select the Best Illustration Essay Topic?

Finding fitting topics for illustration essay is easy. But first, you need to define the field of research that interests you the most. Is it the history of illustration art? It is its methods, approaches, and applications? Or maybe you’re interested in iconic illustrators and their masterpieces?

You must understand what field of research is the most beneficial for your essay.

List of Illustration Essay Topics: Bright and Creative Ideas

The illustration is booming! Leading art studios have in-house illustrators to fulfill customer needs. World-known magazines partner with iconic masters to illustrate weekly stories. You can’t help but notice illustrations on brand packaging, websites, applications, and everywhere you look. But what’s the most interesting about it?

If you want to write a successful essay, you need to know what’s trending now. Far from every topic is interesting and engaging. Here, we break down our top-10 topics on illustration art:

  • The development of an illustration in UI design.
  • 2D and 3D animation in illustration art.
  • Diverse logos from all around the world.
  • From Astro Boy to Akira, the superstars of the manga scene.
  • Portraiture today, from caricature to realism.
  • Pop art: the tension between art and reality.
  • Abstract expressionism: a constant searching of oneself.
  • Realism in the illustration: the truth of the visible.
  • Illustration: a history from impressionism to today.
  • How to communicate a message: information graphics, symbols, targeting, narrative.

Easy Illustration Essay Topics

  • The magic of pigment in colorful illustrations.
  • Key experiments with illustration in the 20th century.
  • Overlapping colors: one plus one equals many?
  • Illustration perspective: creating visual points of view.
  • Scale in 2D illustrations: the value of extremes.
  • The application of conceptual design in the illustration: when an idea drives form.
  • Signature letters as illustrations: big, bold, and symbolic.
  • Lettering as image: illustrating with letterforms.
  • Sculpting type: when text becomes an illustration.
  • Punctuation marks in illustration design: the rise of functional decoration.

College Level Illustration Essay Topics: History Perspective

  • Illustrating with digital tools: animation and transformation designs.
  • Shigeo Fukuda – the master of graphic illusion.
  • Two-dimensional design and graphic reproduction in the 20th century.
  • Poster design: war and propaganda from 1914 to the 1920s.
  • The beginnings of illustration design in Europe.
  • Psychedelia, protest, and new techniques in the late 1960s.
  • New waves: electronic technology from 1990 to the new millennium.
  • National tendencies in illustration design until 1940.
  • Variants of graphic modernism in Europe.
  • After modernism: the end of illustration design?

Illustration Essay Ideas: TOP-15 Iconic Illustrators and Their Works

Can’t come up with a relevant topic for your essay? Don’t worry. You can always analyze an iconic artist and their contribution to the illustration domain. Choose any master from this list:

  • Seymour Chwast
  • Antoine Helbert
  • Shout
  • Dan Page
  • Paul Davis
  • Tim Biskup
  • Gez Fry
  • Eboy
  • F. Payne
  • Liz Lomax
  • Joe Morse
  • Chris Gall
  • Olaf Hajek
  • Zohar Lazar
  • Christoph Niemann

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