Great Gatsby Essay Topics

Great Gatsby Essay Topics: 60+ Ideas That’ll Sparkle Your Interest

The Great Gatsby is an American novel that is popular in literature classes. Most tutors find the novel exciting and rich in thought-provoking discussion topics. The novel has a wide array of themes that forms an extensive ground for essay writing.

Students can pick numerous subjects ranging from controversies to interactive themes. Though the tutor might assign topics, usually, the learners get to pick compelling essay topics. Thus, you need to pick an engaging topic that you are passionate about. Not forgetting to include credible academic sources to develop a quality, well-researched essay.

We have compiled lists of inspiring essay topics for Great Gatsby to help you during topic selection and composition.

How to Select the Best Great Gatsby Essay Topic?

Choosing a relevant topic is essential in composing an exceptional Gatsy paper. First, ensure you read the book keenly to familiarize yourself with the narrative. Identify the major themes in the book and research the ones you find interesting to explore.

Topic selection is a critical process that determines the essay’s direction. Thus, do not underestimate the significance of picking a good topic. Break down sections of the main subjects to ensure you have enough informative content to discuss the topic comprehensively.

Therefore, take time in the prewriting stages before embarking on the main composition.

10 High School Essay Topics for the Great Gatsby

Below are interesting topic ideas:

  1. Describe the author’s American dream.
  2. Does the novel reveal the true American identity?
  3. Discuss the theme of modernism in the book.
  4. Is the American dream dead, according to the author?
  5. Explain the theme of wealth and its impact.
  6. Discuss the controversial male characters.
  7. Identify and discuss the social status of Nick’s character.
  8. Discuss the theme of social injustice in the Great Gatsby.
  9. The depiction of poverty vs. wealth.
  10. Are there happy characters in the book?

Pro List of Great Gatsby Essay Topics: Our Top-10

  1. Does the title of the book have a deeper meaning? Discuss.
  2. Is Gatsby a hero or a villain?
  3. An analysis of moral characters in the book?
  4. According to the author, does wealth corrupt the American dream?
  5. How does the author depict middle-class invisibility?
  6. Discuss the main themes in the book?
  7. Who is responsible for Gatsby’s tragic death?
  8. Analyze the theme of love in the novel.
  9. Discuss Daisy’s character in representing money.
  10. Is Gatsby a modern hero? Justify.

10 Analytical Essay Topics for Great Gatsby

  1. An analysis of the conflict between Tom and Gatsby.
  2. Analyze the theme of materialism in the book.
  3. The role of alienation in plot development.
  4. An analysis of social classes in the Great Gatsby.
  5. Analyze the use of symbolism and metaphors.
  6. Does the author’s life have a direct relationship to the book?
  7. Analyze the relationship between Gatsby and Daisy.
  8. Does the author talk about his life in the book?
  9. An analysis of wealth and love.
  10. Discuss the themes dominant in today’s American communities.

The Great Gatsby Psychoanalysis Essay Topics (10 Ideas)

  1. Discuss Tom’s character and his survival instincts.
  2. What motivated Gatsby to desire wealth? Discuss.
  3. Discuss the significance of family relationships in the book.
  4. Why do male characters in the book fear intimacy?
  5. Discuss psychic determinism in the Great Gatsby.
  6. Discuss the behavior of Tom and Daisy.
  7. The importance of flashbacks in Gatsby’s character.
  8. The relationship between violence and egoism.
  9. How does the author depict the theme of realism and modernism?
  10. The rich people don’t have a guilty conscience.

Marxist Essay Topics on Great Gatsby – What to Write About (10 Ideas)

  1. Analyze the Marxist theory in the novel.
  2. Discuss examples of class conflict in the book.
  3. Poverty limits the American dream.
  4. The relationship between the old and new money.
  5. The influence of money on an individual’s character.
  6. Is wealth a motivation for success, according to Gatsby?
  7. Money cannot buy happiness. Discuss.
  8. Discuss disillusionment in the male characters.
  9. An analysis of society and class.
  10. The representation of the American dream.

Great Gatsby Essay Ideas for the Most Engaged Writing (10 Ideas)

  1. Is Great Gatsby an autobiography novel?
  2. Discuss the author’s writing style.
  3. An analysis of isolation in the book.
  4. Discuss how Gatsby gained his wealth.
  5. An analysis of forgiveness and compassion.
  6. Why did Gatsby yearn for his past life?
  7. Is Gatsby a self-made man?
  8. Discuss the female characters in the book.
  9. The role of weather in mood development.
  10. The role of Nick in plot development.

You can choose any of the above essay topics for Great Gatsby and jumpstart your writing.

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