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You can hire a knowledgeable writer to paraphrase your work. Don’t just give up on a paper if it lacks originality. Get professional helper who can re-phrase the text without changing your ideas. Pass any plagiarism screening with ease!

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  • Thesis Proposal
  • Term Paper
  • Dissertation
  • Dissertation Chapter - Abstract
  • Dissertation Chapter - Introduction
  • Dissertation Chapter - Literature Review
  • Dissertation Chapter - Methodology
  • Dissertation Chapter - Results
  • Dissertation Chapter - Discussion
  • Dissertation Chapter - Hypothesis
  • Dissertation Chapter - Conclusion
  • Editing
  • Essay
  • Formatting
  • Lab Report
  • Math Problem
  • Movie Review
  • Statistics Project
  • Thesis
  • Personal Statement
  • PowerPoint Presentation Plan
  • PowerPoint Presentation with Speaker Notes
  • Proofreading
  • Paraphrasing
  • Research Paper
  • Research Proposal
  • Scholarship Essay
  • Speech/Presentation


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Experience: 2+ years

As a creator myself, I know how challenging a writing routine can be. But with a little effort, practise, and dedication, I managed to become a good writer. No bragging, just give me a try and you’ll see for yourself. I am friendly and responsible, ain’t afraid of difficult topics or last-minute deadlines. Let’s create something outstanding together!

Experience: 3+ years

My job is my greatest passion. Every day I help students from all around the world study better and live happier. I started as a business analyst shortly after graduation. But my drive for writing and Academia won after all. If you have something interesting, something difficult, or just something I can help you with, don’t be shy.

Experience: 5+ years

I worked as a freelance writer back in college and never expected it to become my permanent job. However, once I got my Master’s degree in Computer Sciences, I couldn’t think of a better occupation for me. Researching, experimenting, writing, and finally seeing the final result… These are the best feelings in the world!

Experience: 7+ years

I knew I would become a writer ever since my very first essay. It was love from first sight! As of today, our relationship with writing is stronger than ever. I specialize in research papers, dissertations, and anything that requires profound knowledge and efforts. Entrust me with your task and relax. It is no longer your concern but the pleasure of mine.


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Urgent Essay Writing Service – The Best Option on the Market

Let’s face that this kind of situation where you end up needing an urgent write my essay service happens all the time. You’re enjoying your time going through higher education, attending lectures, socializing, etc. Suddenly, you fail to hand in an essay, and everything starts to pile on fast. First, you start to consistently be late with all your school tasks. Then, you begin failing your courses fast.

In such a situation, you’ll surely want a service that can deliver your essay (or a number of them) in a quick and dependable way. We provide exactly what you’re looking for. Just delegate some of the more annoying, frustrating, and urgent school tasks to our service and take a long breather.

We’re passionate about helping young minds to go through higher education with lots more enjoyment and memorable experiences. The freedom that you receive after giving even just a tiny portion of your essay writing workload is immense, and you’ll definitely feel the difference immediately. We believe that the period of higher education is a vital one. So you should try and get the most out of this time.

Over the course of over 5 years, this helped numerous young scholars, and we aim only to continue bringing positivity and diminish stress for them. Thanks to our fast approach and the dependability with which we complete tasks, nine out of ten people who utilized the essay writing offerings of our service return for more fast assistance.

Our Fast Essay Writing Service ­– A Perfected System

So, what’s the winning recipe? How do we achieve this level of quality with our fast output? It’s very simple. At the very beginning of our service, we created a set of aims that we needed to fulfill in order to deliver great urgent support, as we thought. Over time, of course, they changed and evolved. Below, we’ll discuss our best features that skyrocket us above our competition.

On-Time Means on Time

First and foremost, we always deliver the essay writing tasks on time – absolutely no excuses. Once the target time is set: nothing can move it. Not only do we make good on our promise to do everything fast and in time, but we also prioritize on our platform finishing tasks ahead of time without any compromise to the quality of the essay. Many of our competitors are known for rushing jobs just, and, as a result, people usually get a low-quality work in the end.

Our company doesn’t have to compromise everything, as we have perfected and optimized our platform to be highly efficient. What’s more, this service offers an urgent writing option where we prioritize your task for an additional fee.

The experts will get to see your task’s requirements sooner, and the platform’s administrators will keep a close eye on your essay. Consequently, we can write and proofread your standard essay staggeringly fast – in under 3 hours. However, you must remember that different tasks require different amounts of time.

The Solid Point of Contact

Whenever you decide that you need an essay writing in an urgent way, you first contact our team of the service representatives. You have a couple of options when it comes to this. You can:

  • Call us on the phone number found on the top of the website;
  • Text us through the texting window in the right corner of the page;
  • Fill out the order form (the representatives will contact you soon after).

This team is available to you 24/7, so whenever you have a technical question concerning the service or your essay writing, you can easily communicate with them. Whenever you catch yourself thinking, “Who can write my essay fast?” just talk to them. They’ll create an account for you (from which you’ll be able to track your task), place the task, and find an expert to help you finish the task.

The Experts in Action

After this happens, the next person of interest to you will be your expert. Who is that person? They are one of the 1,200+ experts in over 40 higher education fields. These experts are native English language speakers and possess either a postgraduate diploma or a doctorate.

In either case, they are more than qualified to complete your essay writing. They undergo extensive English language proficiency testing and present their academic credentials. This ensures that only a professional in the field of your task’s topic will be working on the task.

Many of the experts have, in fact, impressive records in the academics. They can be considered academic literature titans because they have years and years of writing graduate- and postgraduate-level reports, research studies, scientific pieces, and much more. You’ll communicate essay writing instructions through a handy form and the chat window on the site.

The expert will follow any instructions that you’ll give them so that your perfect vision of the tasks’ end result will be realized. As the experts have a deep and thorough knowledge of the academic standards, they’ll format the main text of your essay, as well as the reference, in accordance with the standard that you specify. Obviously, our experts make use of exclusively credible sources.

The Quality Assurance Process

After the expert comes up with and writes down the initial version of the essay writing, it doesn’t yet reach you. Before that occurs, the finished work gets checked by an editor, a member of the Quality Assurance department. What the editor does is:

  • See whether the end result of essay writing corresponds to the instructions given by you.
  • Proofread the text for minor and major mistakes.
  • Check the task for uniqueness via a checking algorithm used in higher education.

If the editor finds any fault with the expert’s initial essay writing version, the task is sent back to the expert for further fast amendment. This process theoretically would continue until a great version of the task was created. However, in actuality, this doesn’t occur more than once, and it’s quite rare on its own.

These features combined into one holistic, well-run platform is what makes our service so special and unique. Simultaneously, we offer reliability, consistency, high-quality, and speediness – this is incredibly hard to balance out, but it is what makes us stand out from the bunch.

The Last Minute Essay Writing Service You Need

We’ve gone through the main winning points that distinguish our fast custom essay writing service from others. Now, let’s look at the line-up of guarantees that all people who turn to us for academic help get. The following points ensure that you’ll either get the completed task you wanted or be reimbursed:

Confidentiality Guarantee

This is one of the essential securities that we provide. It ensures that the information about you using our service will be kept an absolute secret. Of course, your personal data will remain safe with us, because we have strict policies and heavy penalization that prevent our employees from disclosing the information.

On-Time Completion Guarantee

We do everything to ensure that the deadlines for academic tasks will be met. Time and timing are especially crucial when it comes to higher education. So, we try to support young scholars as best as we can. We have in place considerable measures to penalize non-compliance with the set time periods.

Complete Instructions Compliance

According to our policy, the expert must follow your instructions to a Tee. Of course, the expert can give their opinion, but you have to remember that you’ll be the one who has total creative control over the task that’s being written. You will get to command the expert what and how to write my paper, easily meeting your professor’s or tutor’s requirements.

Revising Tickets Guarantee

As soon as you receive and download the expert’s finished task, a countdown for the revising tickets will start. From that moment on, you’ll have exactly 14 days to indicate to the service representatives if you want some adjustments done to the task. During this period, the expert will be readily available to come up with any fixes or rewrites to the issues that you find within the finished work.

Reimbursement Guarantee

Last but not least, this security point protects you if, in some extreme cases, you get a low-quality finished task or you end up not needing it. For the latter case to work, you can’t download the completed task and immediately inform a representative that you don’t need the task anymore.

Write My Essay Fast ­– Free Features and Discounts

Main winning points and guarantees are not the only things that we give to our users. Let’s go through what we offer for free and what kind of discounts our platform has.

  • Free creation of title and reference pages.
  • Tons of essay readily available writings and other paper samples.
  • Picking an expert you like if you’ve used our service before.

When it comes to discount programs, there are in total of four main ones that you may get:

  • A welcoming first-time user discount.
  • Referral discount from recommending this quick service to your friends.
  • Hosted various holiday special discounts that are only active during special seasons.
  • Continuous loyalty program discount that applies to every next order.

Fast Custom Essay Writing Service and Much More!

If you think that a fast essay writing service is everything that we can do, then you’re quite in the wrong here. Our experts can perform a variety of academic writing tasks, including but not limited to, editing, formatting, proofreading, creating presentations, doing lab reports, completing calculations, and on and on. Basically, if you can think of a school task, then we probably can do it.

Frequently Asked Questions for You to Learn More

We get tons of questions regarding our quick service. So, here’s a small FAQ section, answering the most common questions.

Is Fast Essay Writing All You Offer?

As stated just above, our scope of work is much greater than simple essay composition. If you still need mainly writing, then there is a multitude of paper types that our experts are perfectly capable of creating. Some of them include theses, research pieces, term tasks, statistical reports, bibliographies, dissertations (and every chapter of them).

Will Getting Last Minute Essay Compromise My Security?

We fully understand that our users are not particularly fond of the idea where the teaching staff at their higher education establishment finds out about them using fast essay service. To ensure that nobody can hijack your connection to our website, we utilize a modern security web protocol – HTTPS. It also protects your connection from possible scammers trying to find out your personal data.

Does Your Quick Essay Writing Service Protect Transactions?

Another important security point is, of course, the transaction. We decided not to take responsibility for handling bank information of other people and instead use the help of third-party financial companies that completely handle the money transfer.

This has another beneficial aspect: your bank details stay protected due to them being an intermediary point in the transaction. They receive our full bank information and process it. Thusly, absolutely no one will be able to charge your bank account and steal money.

How Many Experts Does the Urgent Essay Writing Service Have?

Over 5 years, our urgent service has accumulated a very sizable platform for academic writers. As of now, it stands at around 1,200 experts. It is an incredibly impressive number when you consider that all of them possess at least a postgraduate diploma.

The thing that really vows is that almost 200 of them are either on the doctoral level already or pursuing a doctorate. Thanks to this massive figure of experts, our platform delivers over 150 academic tasks daily – quite fast, isn’t it?

The hundreds of experts on this last minute essay writing service are ready and eager to support young minds in their higher education journey. Fill out the order form or call us, and we’ll amend your academic experience immensely.

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