History Essay Topics

60+ History Essay Topics for an Awe-Inspiring Writing

We know history is important. It is thanks to its lessons that we can strive to build a prosperous and happy society. And it is thanks to human negligence that we’ve missed the most important things history has taught us. Whether history is your major or just a complimentary class, we advise you to make the most out of it. With a fitting and engaging topic, writing an essay can be fun.

But don’t just take our word for it. If you’re looking for essay topics for history class, your search ends here and now.

How to Select the Best History Essay Topic?

Start by asking a question: “What is it about history that I love the most?” Events? Figures? Numbers? Culture? Consequences? Something else?

Making a list of all the things you like might seem stupid at first. But wait till you see the result in front of you. Understanding what drives your interest the most is the key to finding an ideal topic. Next, you need to determine the coverage. In other words, your topic’s geographical and period position. You can choose a topic on world history. Or stay local and prefer an analysis of the US history. You can deal with ancient history or stay with modern times. The choice is yours.

List of History Essay Topics: 10 Ideas to Get Started

Presenting you top-10 ideas that are perfect for beginners in research writing:

  • Main reasons why the US became the world’s largest industrial nation.
  • The Russian Revolution: prerequisites, failures, consequences.
  • Lost empires: Khmer, Pagan, Dai Viet.
  • The rise and fall of Babylonia.
  • Revolutionary scientific discoveries of the Middle age period.
  • Main causes of World War I.
  • Events that led to World War II: the inevitable downfall.
  • Pearl Harbor and its legacy.
  • The Great Chicago Fire and its consequences.
  • State-building: armed conflicts, rise, and fall of empires.

10 History Essay Topics for High School Students

Presenting you top-10 ideas that are perfect for high school students:

  • The origins of the Sino-Japanese war.
  • The emergence and development of the slave trade.
  • The background of the Cold War and its aftershocks.
  • Post-World War II 1950s: the reasons behind immense growth and prosperity.
  • Anti-fascist activists and their achievements in the US before World War II.
  • The war between Iran and Iraq: the most critical proxy war of modern history.
  • People that led to the rise of Saudi Arabia.
  • The world’s most powerful dictators.
  • Stalin vs. Hitler: who was the worst tyrant of all?
  • The most prominent figures of the American Revolution.

10 World History Essay Topics

Presenting you top-10 ideas that are perfect for an essay on world history:

  • Existence and mortality in the Dark Ages.
  • The Byzantine Empire development.
  • The war between the United States and Mexico.
  • Nuclear weapons and their influence on the world military clashes.
  • Gender bias in England of the 17th century.
  • Soldiers spread the Spanish Flu during World War I.
  • Austrian Civil War: the shortest possible conflict.
  • Haitian Revolution (1791–1804).
  • The development of European liberalism.
  • Iconic thinkers of the Middle Ages.

10 Ancient History Essay Topics

Presenting you top-10 ideas that are perfect for an essay on ancient history:

  • The culture of the Roman Empire in comparison to Greece.
  • The role of the Roman Empire in the development of Christianity.
  • The concept of time in Presocratics.
  • History of Greek Alphabet.
  • Fashion trends in Ancient Rome.
  • The purpose of the pyramids.
  • Religion and society in Ancient Egypt.
  • The ancient history of Babylon and Mohenjo-Daro cities.
  • Slave revolts in Rome.
  • The Bronze Age.

10 Black History Month Essay Topics

Presenting you top-10 ideas to write about for black history month:

  • Is there still racism in America?
  • Why did people support slavery?
  • Ways to eliminate prejudice in the world of today.
  • The life and times of Frederick Douglass.
  • The Harlem Renaissance poets.
  • The role of the black soldiers in the American Revolution.
  • First African Baptist church.
  • The Haitian Revolution.
  • Museums focused on African Americans.
  • Civil Rights Act of 1964.

10 History Essay Ideas and Bonus Tips

None of the above topics suit your essay? Take a look at these bonus ideas or call us immediately. We work non-stop and are always happy to help you with any academic-related issue. A professional writer can handle an A+ history essay on your behalf within hours.

  • Gods and religion of Ancient Egypt.
  • Middle Ages economy.
  • How does monarchy change the vision of politics?
  • How did the first humans understand the natural world?
  • Catholic Church and Witch Hunt.
  • US election History.
  • The Whiskey Rebellion of 1794.
  • Dred Scott decision and its impact on the slavery issue.
  • The political cartoons of Thomas Nast.
  • Dust Bowl of the 1930s: main causes and effects.
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