Exploratory Essay Topics

75 Exploratory Essay Topics to Write About in School

Want some great topics for an exploratory essay?

In this article, we provide you with 75 exciting topics for a great exploratory essay. Go through them to know what to focus on in your paper.

We also understand that given the many topics, choosing one can be tricky. So, we have provided some useful tips from top-rated exploratory essay experts.

How to Select the Best Exploratory Essay Topic? 4 Great Tips from Experts

Choosing a title for your exploratory essay does not have to be trouble. At least, not when you have the following tips in mind.

Check out these bits of advice to pick your topic fast:

  • Go through the requirement provided by your professor to ensure you choose a relevant theme
  • Determine the general issue you wish to talk about, e.g., health, technology, education, etc.
  • Identify the most specific topics within the issue you wish to explore
  • Go through your preferred topics and choose the perfect one for you

Want a List of Exploratory Essay Topics? Check Out These 25 Suggestions

Can’t create a heading for your exploratory essay?

Here are 25 exciting topics to consider for your exploratory essay:

  • Adoption is a good way of starting a family life.
  • Technology is making us lazy.
  • Why is the death sentence allowed if murder is forbidden?
  • Why is China a threat to the US?
  • Should the cloning of living organisms be outlawed?
  • Are developed countries exploiting developing ones?
  • Does social media ruin the lives of users?
  • Can a dictator be good?
  • Will building the US-Mexico border wall solve the immigration problem?
  • The effects of marriage at a young age.
  • Why is recycling essential in the contemporary world?
  • Are arranged marriages just as good as love marriages?
  • Is TV showing too much nudity and sex?
  • Should prisoners be allowed to be mainstream musicians?
  • Are cryptocurrencies will impact the global economy?
  • The role of Facebook in democracy.
  • Is stock trading a reliable way of earning a living?
  • Are plastics destroying marine life?
  • Social media personalities are living a lie.
  • Anonymity on the Internet contributes to bullying and trolling.
  • Should social media be banned for people under 16 years?
  • Are artists and actors over-glorified by the media?
  • Is assisted death ethical?
  • Why mental disorders are associated with stigma.
  • Should the government control Silicon Valley giants?

Pursuing Higher Ed? Here Are 10 Exploratory Essay Topics for College Students

Want ideal topics for university exploratory essay?

Here are 10 great handpicked suggestions:

  • Premarital sex should be outlawed.
  • Can gun control avoid drive-by shootings in the US?
  • Is China already ahead of the US technologically?
  • The connection between US activities on the globe and terrorism.
  • What does Brexit mean for the rest of Europe?
  • The COVID-19 disease is yet to be fully understood.
  • Sovereignty can never be truly realized.
  • Is Kamala Harris’s vice presidency a result of competence or luck?
  • President Trump’s reckless statements cost him the presidency.
  • Insider trading is rampant in the USA.

Fun Exploratory Essay Topics That You Can Pick

We’ve put together 10 unique and exciting topics that you should consider below:

  • Cinemas are dying as streaming becomes more popular
  • Should schools switch to digital learning?
  • Can games in the classroom help students learn better?
  • How have smartphones influenced learning?
  • Can long-distance romantic commitments thrive?
  • Is it wiser to marry late for the sake of pursuing personal interests?
  • Do men go through body image issues just as women do?
  • Is bad behavior in kids a nurture problem?
  • Has the Internet helped us form better personal connections?
  • Can you be single and still be happy?

Exploratory Essay Topics About Sports That You Should Note

Are you writing an exploratory essay that’s more geared towards sports?

There are numerous great topics to use:

  • Why should you start sports at an early age?
  • How has technology benefited sports?
  • Should online games be considered sports?
  • What influence do famous sports personalities have on younger players?
  • Parent’s role in the sports children pick at school
  • Why is swimming the safest sport to play?
  • How do international sporting competitions affect young players?
  • Why students should participate in more indoor games
  • Every player needs a qualified trainer
  • Why special training is needed to participate in sports

Great Exploratory Essay Topics Mental Health You Should Try

Need to craft an impactful exploratory essay on mental wellbeing?

Some fantastic topics you can pick include:

  • How does consistent lack of sleep affect mental health?
  • Is dieting detrimental to mental health?
  • How retirement impacts one’s well-being
  • Why mental health is vital?
  • Why friendships in younger years impact an individual’s mental health
  • Why allowing children to play can make them mentally healthier
  • The prevalence of eating disorders among teenager
  • The impact of bullying on mental well-being long after school
  • How poor mental health can lead to obesity
  • Exercising as a way of dealing with depression

Psychology Topics for a Brilliant Exploratory Essay

Want to explore a psychological area?

Here are some good essay topics to use:

  • How do drugs for treating depression affect an individual?
  • How are natural remedies being used to treat mental disorders?
  • The effects of prolonged untreated anxiety
  • Do re-occurring dreams mean something?
  • Why depression is a leading cause of alcohol and drug abuse
  • Online therapy in dealing with mental issues
  • Why addicts relapse quickly even after treatment
  • Genetics/family in relation to drug addiction
  • Can depression be cured permanently?
  • The emotional toll that mental issues have on caregivers

Excellent Exploratory Essay Ideas to Assist You in Creating Yours

Crafting topics for any essay can be difficult if you have no direction. But with good ideas, you can create topics that are explorable and interesting.

Some ideas you can use to brainstorm exploratory topics are:

  • Examine modern tech and its impact on different aspects of life
  • Explore ongoing global problems: pollution, global warming, COVID-19, etc.
  • Assess the current state of health
  • Examine personal experiences that you would like to understand more
  • Check out trends in the political atmosphere


These essay topics about the exploratory essay will help you whenever you’re stuck. Take any that fits your interests and personalize it.

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