Critical Analysis Essay Topics

Critical Analysis Essay Topics for Interesting & Unique Writing

Can’t select a topic to base the critical analysis essay on? In such a case, you’ve come to the right place! We researched various ideas, subjects, and fields to come up with unique essay topics about critical analysis. All that’s left for you to do is to pick a single topic out of all the options we provided you with.

How to Select the Best Critical Analysis Essay Topic?

Don’t know how to deal with all these topics? Don’t worry, we’ll help you! Yes, there’s a lot of critical analysis essay ideas, but you only need one to expand on. With the steps below, you’ll narrow down the list of critical analysis essay topics very quickly:

  • Read through the list of critical analysis essay topics.
  • Consider which essay topics connect with you the most.
  • Look for available information online for these essay topics.
  • Reflect how many of your critical analysis points you can create on the points.
  • Select a given topic if it’s easily researchable, interests you, and inspires you.

Employing this guide will result in a critical analysis essay topic that you’ll have an easy time writing on. So, use it as you’ll be going through the list below.

List of Critical Analysis Essay Topics: Our TOP-15

Critical analysis essays can be written on almost any topic. However, here are the most engaging ones.

  1. The consequential rise of the 1% in the capitalistic environment of the past and now.
  2. Splits in the US society due to social media algorithms and the possibility of a civil war.
  3. Obscene inflation, house market price growth, and nihilistic depression in young adults.
  4. Creating complete families through adopting children – is it a beneficial option?
  5. Why aren’t single people allowed to adopt? Should it be a possibility for them?
  6. Should kindergartens become compulsory just like schools and educate small children?
  7. Religion’s influence on parenting styles in various cultural regions of the world.
  8. Having biological children – a natural purpose for life that isn’t relevant today.
  9. The elderly people deciding mainstream politics, not letting young adults take the lead.
  10. Marathoning – beneficial or detrimental to the body’s health?
  11. Popular but ineffective methods for staying fit and having a nice body.
  12. The mismatch between TV media individuals and real-life, regular people.
  13. Early marriage in the US: common precursors and consequences for married partners.
  14. Being raised by guardians – how it affects people into their adult life.
  15. Replacing teachers with artificial intelligence: why it’ll never happen in full.

15 Critical Analysis of Essay Topics

Here are 15 additional critical analysis essay topics to use.

  1. Marrying a person from a different culture: main challenges and obstacles.
  2. Self-loathing and depression in children of divorced parents.
  3. The relation among genetics and predisposition to delinquency in humans.
  4. Dictatorships can be more efficient than democracies in certain situations.
  5. The next step for genetic modification. Should we transition from animals to humans?
  6. How recycling became a dire necessity to survive for humanity.
  7. The link between cancer and radio waves used for mobile data and the internet.
  8. Transition to online education: a threat to the employment security of teaching staff.
  9. The abundance of corruption in academics – how easy it is to cheat on national exams.
  10. The rise of alienation and loneliness caused by social media networks.
  11. Insurance companies at the core of overpriced medical services in the US.
  12. Using paper books isn’t sustainable or logical anymore; it’s time to switch to ebooks.
  13. Cramming right before the test is never as good as slowly learning the material.
  14. Major problems like hunger, poverty, and war will never be solved.
  15. Does coffee really boost one’s energy or is it a simple placebo effect?

10 Critical Analysis Essay Questions

Prefer direct questions as topics? Below, you’ll find 10 critical analysis essay ideas.

  1. Are TV and the Internet censored enough to protect young media consumers?
  2. Why is Brexit a failed attempt of populist politicians to appease nationalistic groups?
  3. How come UberEats stopped its operation in numerous big cities across the world?
  4. Will India become the next superpower to enter international politics?
  5. Are we going wrong with supporting the anti- “body shaming” culture?
  6. Why do students never have any time to do their homework and prepare for the exams?
  7. Is voting a failing medium to influence the country’s local and international politics?
  8. Does reality television have a harmful effect on people’s psyche?
  9. How close is the treatment of medical conditions with nanorobots?
  10. Can your actions be fully private on the web or is it technically impossible?

10 Critical Analysis Essay Ideas

Still haven’t found anything you like? Here are 10 more critical analysis essay topics.

  1. Some sport types are considered to be exclusively for the rich? Why is it so?
  2. Is there any functional or utilitarian sense in having same-sex marriages?
  3. Gender equality is unreachable in the real world.
  4. Online payments aren’t safe nor private in any way.
  5. Telegram: is this application really the one to completely protect your personal data?
  6. The benefits and disadvantages of have compulsory military service in countries.
  7. Are the stimulus checks during COVID big enough to sustain normal life?
  8. The essential workers during a pandemic are paid less than the stimulus checks.
  9. Why is it sometimes favorable for the police to allow small-time criminal activity?
  10. Extreme praising and pampering on children from an early age: nurturing a narcissist.

Writing Tips & Tricks from Pro Writers

When you’ve picked a critical analysis topic, you can use these tips to streamline your composition:

  • Don’t make the critical analysis essay topic more generally, keep it focused on one subject.
  • Research first, highlight points of interest, freewrite, create an outline, and only then write.
  • Creating a thesis statement can be useful to start up your creativity.
  • Proofread, edit, give someone to review and repeat until you’re satisfied with the feedback.

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