Commentary Essay Topics

50+ Commentary Essay Topics for Easy Writing

Commentary essays are all about your opinions, interpretations, analyses, and reactions. To write a good one, you’ll require a great topic to inspire you.

The topic-picking stage of your commentary essay can be a big bottleneck and stop any progress from being done. To help you with the assignment, we thought up and gathered essay topics about commentary. All that left for you to do, is select one commentary essay topic from the list, and you’re halfway there!

How to Select the Best Commentary Essay Topic?

Over 50 commentary essay topics are quite a lot! You come to this realization when trying to go through the list of topics. However, don’t get discouraged, you’ll quickly get yourself a main commentary essay subject!

Simply follow the steps below:

  • Review your professor’s notes on the commentary assignment.
  • Run down the list of essay topics.
  • Remember the ones that interest you the most.
  • Research the commentary essay topics which took your attention
  • Pick the topic for the commentary essay that has the most info available online.

Following our small guide turns the process of selecting from a hanging task into less than 10 minutes of work. Also, picking a commentary essay topic our way makes the writing process easier too! In the end, you’ll be discussing the commentary essay topic that you know for sure has tons of information online.

List of Commentary Essay Topics: 15 BEST Ideas

Here are 15 great commentary topics to discuss in the essay. They’re a safe bet, and you can’t go wrong with choosing one of them.

  1. Sentenced to death – appropriate punishment for major wrongdoings?
  2. Female mistreatment in Muslim countries: a problem or an untouchable part of the culture?
  3. Misplaced public fears stopping worldwide progress. The COVID vaccination tendencies.
  4. None of the approaches to dealing with coronavirus have been successful so far.
  5. Royal Family in the UK: a relict of the past to be forgotten.
  6. The hypocrisy of 2021: nobody wants COVID, but no one also wants imposed restrictions.
  7. Biden’s attitude toward Russian geopolitics and Putin will destroy US-RUS relations.
  8. Populism is killing impactful politics and substituting it with empty promises.
  9. Suicide shouldn’t be illegal – Spain legalizing euthanasia.
  10. Acting upon misogynistic beliefs and doing felonies is a hate crime.
  11. Even the most progressive governments avoid addressing today’s gender issues.
  12. Geopolitical conflicts between major powers will always happen as long as humans exist.
  13. We don’t pay enough attention to global existential threats until it’s too late.
  14. Net neutrality must be brought back because freedom of choice suffers greatly right now.
  15. United Nations should have more powers to stop the persecution in sovereign countries.

10 Social Commentary Essay Topics

You’re more interested in social problems? Below you’ll find related commentary topics.

  1. Traditional religions are too outdated and should be replaced with a cultural ideology.
  2. Discerning sex and gender. Should pay attention only to one of the two?
  3. How much regulation of the citizen’s social life is an overreach in governmental powers?
  4. Regular people suffer the most from wars, but they do not instigate the conflicts.
  5. Members of single-parent families are often discriminated against.
  6. Only drug distribution and selling should be illegal. Drug users need medical rehabilitation.
  7. Social media networks make bullying a seemingly less hurtful act and easier to do.
  8. The capitalistic environments made Western society into a materially obsessed cult.
  9. The line between caring for the health of others and body shaming.
  10. How poverty throws people into inescapable environments with no social movement.

10 Personal Commentary Essay Topics

Want to create a personal essay? Here are some viable ideas.

  1. The biggest day-to-day challenge you have to deal with on a personal level.
  2. Figuring out the best field of work for yourself: difficulty, creativity, and engagement.
  3. When is it okay to give something up? Real-life examples of turning failure into success.
  4. The importance of setting and keeping to daily, monthly, and yearly goals.
  5. Is having a purpose in life important? Can people lead happy lives without it?
  6. The most interesting read you had lately and its impact on your personality.
  7. Where do you end? Your body? Interests and hobbies? Relatives? Acquaintances?
  8. Is creativity the quintessential aspect of being human?
  9. Can all relationships be mended? What is “going too far” for you personally?
  10. If you’d have infinite stable income without having to work, would you still work?

10 Higher Education Topics for Commentary Essay

Higher education will always be a hot topic. So, why not select a related commentary essay topic?

  1. Plagiarism is abundant in higher education settings – Tutors simply just turn a blind eye.
  2. Is going to college essential to having a good life prospect on average?
  3. Racial issues in higher education: from enrolment up to academia.
  4. Should higher education be as standardized as it is today?
  5. Adapting to coronavirus pandemic – Going online is good.
  6. We should abolish the student fees for people’s 1st higher education degree.
  7. Should single-sex university accommodations be the only available option to students?
  8. Grades in universities: Are they relevant at all nowadays?
  9. Uniform in colleges? Why is it nowhere to be seen in contemporary institutions?
  10. To what extent should we employ technology to teach advanced topics?

10 Commentary Essay Ideas to Get Started Easily

Don’t want to get bogged down with your commentary essay? Then definitely pick something from the 10 options below.

  1. Energy beverages must be prohibited in schools and universities alike.
  2. In-person and website casinos are more detrimental to society than they bring in tax money.
  3. We must illegalize hunting and instead only control animal populations when needed.
  4. Limiting children’s exposure to web content is a good practice.
  5. Cartoons during childhood, adolescence, and adulthood: the differences in reception.
  6. Zombies and other monsters in the popular US media formats.
  7. Healthcare system in the US and how it can be improved.
  8. Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products ought to be considered drugs.
  9. Capitalism is failing most societal classes and groups: only 1% truly benefit from it.
  10. The teacher’s and professor’s personalities influence the forming of student individualities.

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