Causal Analysis Essay Topics

50 Causal Analysis Essay Topics: Original & Interesting

Causal analysis is an exciting academic task that allows students to dive deep into the hidden causes of events and their consequences. Getting a broad chronological perspective on the phenomenon of interest is not easy, so some students tend to experience challenges with this assignment type.

Those who find it hard to formulate a valuable, interesting topic for research on causes and effects will surely benefit from this article with trendy, original essay topics about causal analysis. Use our suggestions to excel in writing, and you’re guaranteed high grades and the tutor’s high appraisal of your writing talent.

How to Select the Best Causal Analysis Essay Topic?

The first thing you need to do when getting a causal analysis essay assignment is to find a case welcoming a “why” question and offer interesting responses. The key questions to think over include:

  • Why do people do something?
  • Why does this happen?
  • Why has this become a persistent trend?
  • What do these actions and events cause in the short and long-run? Who is affected?
  • What is the likely outcome of this trend is in the future?

Once you see that your chosen topic offers insightful evidence and facts as answers to these questions, you can proceed to write. But first, make sure to double-check your guesses with academic literature. You may be mistaken or misled in some aspects because of a lack of professional knowledge.

TOP-15: List of Causal Analysis Essay Topics

Obviously, it is best to approach the subjects that worry people today – hot and trendy topics are always attention-grabbing, causing your readers to read the essay until the very end. So, when choosing a topic, make sure to check what is trending now so that you capture the audience’s attention and present valuable content.

Here are some suggestions from our experts:

  1. Effects of homeschooling on individual intellect.
  2. Consequences of social media addiction.
  3. Causes and effects of teenage rebellion.
  4. Why did Brexit take place, and what awaits the British economy after it?
  5. Why do some people never get married, and how does this decision affect their lifestyles?
  6. The causes and effects of the EU response to the immigration crisis.
  7. What are the roots of negative stereotypes about the LGBTQ+ community?
  8. Causes and effects of climate change.
  9. Causes of teenage drug addiction.
  10. Impact of schools on child emotional development.
  11. Causes and effects of school bullying.
  12. Causes of phobias.
  13. Why do people get addicted to sugar?
  14. Effects of being a first-born child on achievement.
  15. Causes and effects of negative emotions.

15 Causal Analysis Essay Questions (with Answers)

  1. Why do animals become obsolete? (humans occupy new territories, destroy animals’ habitats, and animals fail to adjust to new environments)
  2. Why are teenagers the most vulnerable population in terms of drug addiction? (teenagers are on the path of identity formation and distancing from parents)
  3. Why do schoolers become bullies? (abuse at home or low self-esteem push children to aggression towards others)
  4. How does owning a pet affect children? (pets nurture responsibility and care in children)
  5. Why do people continue waging wars against each other? (wars are a result of ethnic, religious conflicts or geopolitical struggles)
  6. Why do people use weapons? (the basic goal is self-defense, while some perpetrators initially choose weapons for aggressive attacks on others)
  7. Why were people so devastated by COVID-19? (the lockdown and blockage of all social activities, together with economic turmoil)
  8. Why do tycoons take place? (extreme fluctuations in humidity and temperatures in the atmosphere)
  9. Why does India continue using a caste system? (historically, the caste system was important for the division of labor)
  10. Why should people study history? (historical lessons can teach people good and bad lessons to inform future decision-making)
  11. Why do people spend more money when shopping online? (digital money is less tangible, thus easier spent)
  12. Why does technology complicate human lives instead of simplifying them? (people are overloaded by information and experience deteriorating focus)
  13. Why do polar bears migrate from the North Pole? (because of the climate change, ice melts, and animals change their habitats)
  14. Why do politicians increasingly use social media? (politicians tend to choose channels that their target voters use most)
  15. Why do fewer teachers want to work at schools? (children get more aggressive and less polite, causing teacher distress and professional burnout)

10 Good Causal Analysis Essay Topics for Any Case

  1. Why do people develop stereotypes?
  2. Why do people use animals in research?
  3. Why do insects always fly to the light?
  4. Why are microbes so important?
  5. Why do people become racists?
  6. Why do veterans develop PTSD?
  7. Why are mental health disorders so hard to diagnose and treat?
  8. How does growing in poverty affect humans?
  9. Is online dating changing modern relationships?
  10. Why do students experience the highest stress level?

10 Causal Analysis Essay Ideas to Jumpstart Your Creativity

Now let’s get a bit more creative with causal analysis topics. Here is a list of creative topics you may explore:

  1. What makes people lie?
  2. Why are some people introverts and others – extroverts?
  3. How does dyslexia develop?
  4. How do people develop muscle memory?
  5. What causes us to fall in love at first sight?
  6. What is the chemical constituent of falling in love?
  7. Why do college students binge drink more often than people of other ages?
  8. Why do people commit suicide?
  9. Why do teenagers hate reading?
  10. Why do animals have tails while humans don’t?

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