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50+ Business Essay Topics to Make That 1st Class a Reality!

Business has a significant impact on the modern economy. Learning about business is crucial for creating the next crop of financial, economic, and global policy leaders.

This may be why your teacher might require you to write a business essay.

With plenty of business essay topics, you can create papers faster and with the right insight and approach.

In this article, there are more than 50 essay topics in business for you to explore and turn that 1st class into a reality.

Don’t Know How to Select the Best Business Essay Topic? Research & Facts Are Key

Writing a business essay usually has specific aims related to the structure, growth, and management of a business. It may investigate different business practices, management of firms, decision making, labor relations, etc.

All business topics should be researchable and allow a strong correlation between statistics and facts. These are the foundations of a standout essay, along with a strong theoretical background.

List of Business Essay Topics | 10+ Topics to Flag You Off

Business is a wide area and covers other inter-related spheres like healthcare and technology.

Here are 11 topics to start your research:

  1. Describe 3 types of utilities that a business may satisfy.
  2. Are extra taxes on fossil fuels a good way to reduce global warming?
  3. What is the significance of the break-even point for a business?
  4. Describe the concept of work-life balance in business.
  5. Describe the concepts of comparable worth and equity.
  6. Do companies get too “big” to fail as evidenced by corporate bailouts?
  7. Is there a strong correlation between stellar academic and business management performance?
  8. Elaborate on the main reasons for business bankruptcy.
  9. Explain the performance of Zoom in 2021.
  10. How should businesses respond to climate change?
  11. Describe how technology affects B2B marketing.

You’ll find more great essay topics below.

10 Great Business Law Essay Topics

Law is an important facet of the business to govern the legal operation and relationships of companies.

Check out these 10 essay topics.

  1. Does China allowing the manufacture of counterfeit brands amount to IP theft?
  2. Should capital gains tax be paid on family homes sold?
  3. How should the IRS better follow up on unreported income?
  4. Describe the concept of “joint severability.”
  5. How is tax avoidance different from tax evasion?
  6. Describe some of the most common criminal activities in business law.
  7. Why do business owners suffer more tax scrutiny than individual wage earners of similar income level?
  8. Describe 3 techniques that are useful for ethical tax avoidance.
  9. Does the US have a bad business tax system?
  10. Describe methods of computer protection.

More excellent essay topics below.

10 Great Business Management Essay Topics

Here are 10 excellent business management topics to show your insight.

  1. Do businesses need good managers or good executives?
  2. How can skills gaps for recent graduates be closed?
  3. Explain the difference between CAPEX and OPEX.
  4. Elaborate on the potential benefits of open offices.
  5. How have ERP systems improved employee management?
  6. Do executives merit the high remunerations that they receive?
  7. Should businesses be mandated to have diversity programs in place for management?
  8. Describe bureaucracy as a form of management and its effectiveness.
  9. Should the mergers of market giants be restricted due to anti-trust?
  10. Elaborate on the reasons why partnerships are preferred to limited liability companies.

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10 Business Ethics Essay Topics You Need for a 1st Class

Craft an excellent essay with these topics.

  1. Have international bankers aided the transfer of illegal wealth?
  2. Explain how corporations avoid paying taxes.
  3. Is Amazon a case of tax avoidance or tax evasion?
  4. What are the implications of overborrowing by the government on future business?
  5. Is there a class of business espionage deemed as ethical?
  6. Should there be a cap on the amount of compensation paid to top CEOs?
  7. Should companies such as Amazon and Facebook be split under anti-trust laws?
  8. Should all companies be mandated to let their employees join unions?
  9. Should businesses be allowed to exert preferences for certain types of employees?
  10. Should Facebook be allowed to sell consumer data to third parties without their consent?

These ethical issues will help you craft a masterful essay.

10+ International Business Essay Topics

International business topics tackle finance and economics, global wealth, policy and decision making, and the movement of money.

Check out the following essay topics.

  1. What are the tell-tale signs of a global wealth transfer?
  2. Are all the major stocks overvalued?
  3. Is the world economy headed for another crash?
  4. How has tech redefined international business?
  5. How has Amazon revolutionized global trade?
  6. Should there be a requirement on the capitalization and liquidity of airlines?
  7. How does another Gulf War affect global trade?
  8. Is Tesla a bubble about to burst?
  9. Can the Fed Chair do anything to curtail overvalued stocks?
  10. How have record low Fed interest rates affected global trade?
  11. How does China devaluing its currency aid its trade war with the US?

These essay topics will showcase great insight on your part!

10+ Business Essay Ideas That Are Controversial

Some essay topics about business might be slightly unconventional. Your instructor will love them!

  1. Critique the show Billions for its portrayal of a hedge fund manager versus how real hedge funds work.
  2. Is the secret cabal of global bankers evil?
  3. Should global bankers be held responsible for funding wars?
  4. Is paper money a real store of value?
  5. Was the SEC complicit in Bernie Madoff’s great Ponzi?
  6. How can the 1% be taxed when Amazon pays no taxes?
  7. Has Bill Gates really donated all that money to charity? Or maybe he was just looking for tax exemptions?
  8. Are Tesla and Amazon perfecting the art of human redundancy?
  9. Is Jeff Bezos a fake centi-billionaire?
  10. Are the Rothschilds the wealthiest family ever?
  11. Is Wall Street a “big vampire squid, sucking the life out of the economy”?

That last one is a true winner, isn’t it?

There are more zingers where those came from.

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