Biology Essay Topics

50+ Biology Essay Topics You’d Love to Write About

Biology is the science of life and living organisms. It covers diverse subjects, such as botany, zoology, marine science, medicine, genetics, microbiology, among other fields. Biology forms part of various courses in college with a rich background for advancing research programs.

Students must complete biology research papers and assignments at different academic levels. Since the subject requires in-depth analysis and observation, many learners fail to ace their papers, and to pick a suitable topic is among the challenges that most students face during writing.

That is why our expert scientists have listed several biology essay topics to help you advance in assignment completion on this subject.

How to Select the Best Biology Essay Topic?

When it comes to selecting a biology topic, you must pick one with an interesting scientific argument. It must be attention-grabbing and within the academic parameters. Ensure you pick a theme that you are passionate and knowledgeable about to avoid boring your readers to death.

Do not go for a complex topic that will leave you with inconclusive arguments and research content. Thus, conduct an extensive brainstorming session to develop relevant ideas before limiting your scope to a relevant topic.

Remember, science is factual, so your essay must have a primary purpose with valid arguments to prove your study.

List Of Biology Essay Topics: 30 Ideas Recommended by Us

The following are catchy topic ideas for your Biology essay that will help you in composing an excellent paper:

  1. An analysis of biochemical cycles in human beings.
  2. The ecosystem: the significance of flowing energy.
  3. Discuss the functions of DNA and RNA.
  4. An analysis of the endocrine system.
  5. Discuss the aging of cells in the human body.
  6. Genetic engineering: an application of growth hormone.
  7. The dark side of antibiotics.
  8. Analyze genetic mapping.
  9. Infertility in women: The major risk factors.
  10. Discuss the process of photosynthesis.
  11. The impact of climate change on biodiversity.
  12. The applications of DNA technology in genetics.
  13. An analysis of gene mutation.
  14. The pros and cons of tissue engineering.
  15. Discuss the mechanisms of the human immune system.
  16. How to prevent graft rejection?
  17. Discuss the anatomy of organs and tissues in humans.
  18. An analysis of molecular biology.
  19. Discuss the functions of human metabolism.
  20. The impact of Biotechnology.
  21. Modern approach in treating infertility.
  22. Impact of substance abuse on brain development.
  23. The effects of antibiotic resistance.
  24. The significance of osmosis in plant production.
  25. What is microbial ecology?
  26. Discuss the types of genetic disorders in human beings.
  27. Discuss the mechanisms of neurobiology.
  28.  Why abortion is still a controversial debate in today’s society.
  29. An analysis of plant pathology.
  30. Genetic disorders: the solution to terminal diseases.

10 Biology Essay Questions You Can Use in Your Writing

  1. Does infertility cause aging?
  2. Can terrorists use pandemics as biological weapons?
  3. Does human cloning have a moral side?
  4. What is immunotherapy?
  5. Do stress and anxiety affect the immune system?
  6. How does society perceive vaccination?
  7. Why does the human body require enzymes?
  8. What is hormonal therapy?
  9. Is obesity a genetic-related condition?
  10. What are the benefits of child vaccinations?

15 Biology Essay Ideas for Original A+ Writing

  1. The influence of hormones on human behavior.
  2. The relationship between hormones and depression.
  3. The importance of cardio exercise in relieving stress.
  4. Genetic mutations: an analysis of causes and effects.
  5. The impact of global warming on the ecosystem.
  6. The impact of deforestation on human health.
  7. Organic farming: an alternative plant medicine.
  8. Does anxiety increase gut bacterial infection?
  9. What is cognitive neuroscience?
  10. Discuss Darwin’s theory.

Essay Topics About Biology: Where to Find Them

Finding a relevant biology topic should be simple if you have the right approach. You can find inspiration from previously published research work from renowned scholars. Research online and know what has already been done before. It will help you in developing an authentic and unique research paper.

If you are stuck, you can seek professional help from science writers and peruse their sample papers for more guidance on attaining an exceptional biology essay topic.

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