Argumentative Essay Topics

80+ Argumentative Essay Topics Recommended by TOP Experts

College students have to write a huge number of essays, but the most popular are argumentative ones. When writing such essays, you often need to conduct in-depth research and outline a particular problem in general terms.

However, in any case, every argumentative essay has one difficulty – the right choice of topic.

How to Select the Best Argumentative Essay Topic?

A fairly common opinion is that the best scores are given to those argumentative essays in which the topic is most controversial. Of course, there is a certain amount of truth in this. Still, it is important that the topic itself was controversial and that it contains at least two points of view that can be successfully considered.

We tried to select over 80 good argumentative essay topics on this page, and you can feel free to choose them. The main thing is not to forget that an essay will be good only with the topic you are well versed in and which is of interest to you.

Try always to choose topics for argumentative essay that inspire you and for which you can find enough material to research. Keep in mind that you will have to analyze many arguments and evidence, as this is the only way to make an argumentative essay look good.

Therefore, even if you like the topic for the essay but cannot find a sufficient number of proofs and reliable resources with information, you should look for another option.

List Of Argumentative Essay Topics: 20 BEST Ideas

  1. How to make an effective psychological adaptation of students to the new environment?
  2. How to become self-confident.
  3. What to do in case of unfounded criticism.
  4. How to answer a boor correctly.
  5. Is it possible to overcome alcohol addiction?
  6. How to get in good shape quickly without dieting.
  7. Simple ways to preserve the ecology of the environment.
  8. Mortality and fertility: what determines the ratio.
  9. Is it possible to eliminate unemployment?
  10. How to learn to express your thoughts correctly.
  11. How to speak beautifully and convincingly.
  12. How to overcome laziness.
  13. What will not be taught at school?
  14. What is the secret of family happiness?
  15. How a person’s spirituality is expressed.
  16. What is true love?
  17. Robotics, does it have a drawback?
  18. Can freedom be complete?
  19. Is free attendance required?
  20. What to choose – the marriage of convenience or by love?

10 Argumentative Essay Questions for a Successful Start

  1. Should you get officially married?
  2. Should a student have a part-time job?
  3. How to make no difficulties to the realization of the dreams.
  4. Does our country need immigrants?
  5. Is the Internet an alternative to reality?
  6. Stray animals: what to do with them?
  7. How many foreign languages ​​does a modern person need to know?
  8. Do I need to give alms?
  9. Is monetization of benefits useful?
  10. Who is the boss in the house – a woman or a man?

20 Argumentative Essay Ideas That Fit Any Case

  1. Should university scholarships be canceled?
  2. Is everything for sale?
  3. Is there a future for cloning?
  4. The road to success: to have all means good?
  5. Is it possible to judge the intelligence of a person by speech?
  6. Has the problem of “fathers and children” changed?
  7. The friendship between a man and a woman does not exist.
  8. Children are smarter than their parents.
  9. The patriotism of US youth is superficial.
  10. The choice of talented youth is to live and work in their country.
  11. Young people must have membership in any political party.
  12. The state should help young professionals to buy real estate.
  13. A marriage of convenience is better than a marriage of love.
  14. Is administrative responsibility for adultery required?
  15. Abortion should be prohibited.
  16. The introduction of juvenile justice negatively affects the institution of the family.
  17. There is no alternative to condoms among modern contraceptives.
  18. Do the Olympics benefit the country?
  19. Universal higher education is a panacea for the United States.
  20. The creation of a federal university leads to the decline of the universities that it includes.

15 Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. There is a need to organize vocational guidance classes in schools.
  2. Excellent students in studies then often become losers in life. Why?
  3. The commercialization of education in secondary schools will increase the level of knowledge.
  4. Copyright inhibits progress.
  5. The cult of money is the scourge of modern society.
  6. Computer games develop a personality.
  7. Shooting homeless animals is a manifestation of cruelty and inhumanity.
  8. Is total nuclear disarmament necessary?
  9. NATO countries are not allies but secret adversaries.
  10. Developing countries need a dictatorship.
  11. Freedom extremism is not a crime.
  12. The peaceful uses of nuclear energy must be abandoned.
  13. Environmental preservation is more important than economic growth.
  14. Without new words appearing, the language dies.
  15. Patriotism is the last refuge of villains.

15 Research Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. The use of GMOs in food is justified.
  2. Internet users should be held responsible for copyright infringement when downloading content.
  3. Science is not popular among young people.
  4. Modern security systems violate personal freedom.
  5. Censorship undermines individual freedom.
  6. Tight control of the media is needed when covering terrorist acts.
  7. Tightening sentences will lower crime rates.
  8. Euthanasia needs to be legalized across the United States.
  9. The truth is born in a dispute.
  10. Poverty is not a vice. Or no?
  11. “There is no happiness in the world …”.
  12. To each his own. Is that right?
  13. Is it worth protecting the rights of minorities at the state level?
  14. Should any weapon be available to the civilian population?
  15. Is Bitcoin a panacea for the economy?

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