Analytical Essay Topics

80+ Analytical Essay Topics That’ll Earn You A +

Writing an analytical essay will be an easy task if you plan everything well and know how to write this kind of text correctly. This is a type of essay in which facts and figures are studied through in-depth research.

How to Select the Best Analytical Essay Topic?

Sometimes, choosing a topic for an analytical essay can be challenging. On the Internet, you can find a huge number of topics suitable for analytical articles, but whether all of them will be of interest to your teacher is a question.

Especially for you, we decided to make the task easier and have collected the TOP of the most suitable topics for analytical articles.

List Of Analytical Essay Topics: TOP-30

  1. Which is more important: law or custom?
  2. Do I need a school uniform?
  3. Pros and cons of TV advertising.
  4. Civil marriage pros or cons.
  5. Choice of the profession.
  6. Contemporary youth music.
  7. “I can’t” is equal to “I don’t want.”
  8. Those who do not learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them.
  9. Men and women are equal for every job.
  10. Morality varies by culture.
  11. Legalization of soft drugs: yes or no.
  12. Love is an illusion.
  13. Technological progress has changed our lives for the worse.
  14. Watching television is detrimental to mental health.
  15. Do you think that the indigenous population of the state should prevail?
  16. Where does freedom of a person begin?
  17. Market system pros and cons.
  18. Does romantic love exist in the modern world?
  19. Modern generational conflicts.
  20. Heaven and Hell. What awaits us on the other side of earthly life.
  21. General globalization, pros, and cons.
  22. Political sentiments of the modern world.
  23. Twenty-five frame pros and cons.
  24. The Big Bang Theory, truth or fiction.
  25. Private medicine cons and pros.
  26. Social networks as a factor of influence on youth.
  27. Electronic or paper books?
  28. Games of modern youth.
  29. The death penalty in the world: cons and pros.
  30. Sport for the sake of sport or the sake of appearance.

15 Analytical Essay Questions You Need to Answer First

  1. What drives people to a healthy lifestyle.
  2. How to overcome own weaknesses.
  3. Credit-modular system: pros and cons.
  4. The peasant’s business activity in the period from the 12th to the 15th centuries.
  5. Should you be afraid of life changes?
  6. The main problems and themes of literature of the 19th century.
  7. The problem of “the end sanctifies the means.”
  8. Is absolute monarchy in the modern world possible?
  9. Personnel management in civil service.
  10. An educated person is a useful person.
  11. What remains unchanged in people’s lives even in the modern era of changes?
  12. Reflections on the contemporary literature of postmodernism.
  13. How will the field of medicine change if all professionals increase their intellectual flexibility?
  14. What kind of person can rightfully be called a hero?
  15. Body positivity: yes or no.

25 Analytical Essay Ideas You Can Count on

  1. Hosting the Olympics in the country – a path to an economic crisis?
  2. Computer games: a simple waste of time or one of the types of self-development?
  3. Is there a modernization or degradation of the modern youth society happening right now?
  4. UFO reality or fiction.
  5. Should goods make in the USA have a discount for a domestic market?
  6. Why should we not forget the history of our people?
  7. The value of age-related pedagogy in the practice of teaching and upbringing.
  8. Choices that change a person.
  9. Is there insufficient funding from regional school budgets for the purchase of equipment?
  10. What historical events change the fate of people?
  11. South Korean Environmental Law Legislation. Is that right?
  12. Why is a meaningless existence dangerous?
  13. What happens to a person who does not want to develop?
  14. Ecology and nature management.
  15. Career… Work… Life’s main goals?
  16. How to listen to each other correctly.
  17. Introduction of digital technologies in medical organizations: what helps and what hinders.
  18. What philosophical question do you consider the most urgent in the modern world?
  19. Innovations in education: is everything new – well forgotten, old or no?
  20. Why is the conflict between fathers and children inevitable?
  21. Is the speech culture an indicator of professionalism?
  22. Phonetic means in Hemingway’s stories.
  23. Value-oriented features of culture (XIX-XX centuries).
  24. Why doesn’t society accept some people?
  25. Why are many people afraid of life changes?

10 Essay Topics About Analytical Thinking

  1. Increase in the amount of garbage all over the world.
  2. Deforestation.
  3. Water pollution.
  4. Soil pollution.
  5. Air pollution.
  6. Disposal of nuclear waste.
  7. Mineral depletion.
  8. Global warming.
  9. Reduced biodiversity.
  10. Sound pollution.

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